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My name is Carmen Priscilla

Simple, Elegant,  and Stylishly Chic describes my handmade creations. Crochets by Carmen stands out from the rest!  Each handmade item is made with meticulous detail, resulting in quality craftsmanship.  Whether it's a scarf, hat, or shawl, each item is one of a kind made with you in mind.  

 My first crochet experience started at the age of 15 1983. I grew up in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. My mom was offering crocheting classes on doilies. I joined her class and began crocheting my first doily out of thread. I taught myself to read the crochet patterns diagrams and the written instructions.  In my first three months as a crocheter, I made several doilies, one tablecloth, and hair accessories.  

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Craft Shows 2022


Crochet Services

We provide crochet services for past items we have sold to clients, repairs of crochet items and we can design an item for you.  


Crochet Past Inventory

If you have seen a friend or family member with one of our purchased items, we can crochet you another item. It can be the same color or another color.   Please contact us below specifying the crochet service and which item to crochet. if there is a photo on my website or if you send me a picture of the item, please send us this information.

Crochet Hook


We offer repair services for old family crochet items that have a special meaning to you. We do not repair knitted items.   Please submit in the contact form that you are interested in this service and submit a picture of the items to be repaired. We will contact you regarding the price and mail me the item or if you are local in the area of Maryland, we can meet.

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Design A Crochet Item

We can design a poncho, hat, scarf, or shawl to your specification for a special event, or to match a purse or coat.  

Please get in touch with us below describing the crochet items you are interested to be designed for you. 

Come and meet us at one of these events!

Events we will be attending for 2023

No upcoming events at the moment
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